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The Gold 6 guides are beautifully designed and created by a Reiki and Meridian Practitioner, Body/Mind therapist, and HHP with over 30 years experience. The Holistic Manifest Guide is easy to use with a clear, 6-9 minutes a day, quick but powerful practice for visualizing and manifesting. Each day you focus on one area from abundance to excellent health, love, relationships, and/or your dream life. 


The 4 week, 7 distinct day guide has holistic tips and sensory rituals with gratitude and energy work to enhance your practice and free linked guided audio meditations with calmingYogic Breathwork, Clearing Energy Work, The Magnetic Vision Technique, and vibrational frequency music to help you into a Theta waves state, focus, clear blocks, and visualize your new life. Visualize clearly with visually beautiful guide! See more here.


Lovely as a gift for yourself or someone you know who struggles to stay consistent with being positive about their goals, meditating, visualizing, or creating their dream life.


Vanessa's April special: If you pay with Paypal you will also receive a free 1-1 custom live guided meditation with Vanessa to fully clarify your goals and clear any mind/body blocks to heaing and manifesting.


Please note: we also offer a Gold 6 Package of weekly 1-1 meditations, the guide, and a full consultation with weekly check ins but for April the first meditation is free with the purchase of the guide using Paypal! There is no sales tax charged for any session items or guides.


The guide is non-denominational and based on repatterning the subconscious and connecting to universal energy. I hope you love the guide and you welcome wonderful energy into 2024 to manifest your dream life you so deserve!


Not intended for curative or medical purposes. 



  • File Format & Instructions

    This guide is in a PDF format to download and read on any digital device using Acrobat reader.

    1. Download the PDF

    2. Open the PDF with Acrobat Reader or your default PDF reader

    3. Choose the viewing option using the Display Page icon on the far right bottom of the Acrobat Reader frame. (3rd icon from the bottom)

    4. Click on the icon and choose Two Page View and Show Cover Page then you will be able to view the pages as the book. 

    There are 'live' links from the PDF to our website for your free meditation and for other tools to enhance your practice. Simply click on a link to go directly to the website for your free audio meditation. 

    You can print the pages but copyright prohibits reprinting for commercial use or sales of any portions of this guide. For any issues downloading or printing please email us

  • Refunds

    We offer refunds for digital products only if you are unable to download it due to a technical issue on our end. We take pride in offering lovely digital guides that are as advertised. Please let us know if you encounter any issues. For any loading or viewing problems please email us and we will be happy to help :). 

$44.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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