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For caring support to guide your healing practice, we offer a customized 60 minute, one to one guided session using Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Somatic Movement, Breathwork, and powerful 3 Wave Visualization technique with binaural beats and theta waves. Starting with a conversation to discuss your blocks and goals, we then dive into a gentle but profound guided visualization meditation to help you tune in to your body quickly.


After 33 years in practice as an HHP, MT, Reiki practitioner, Somatic Movement and Mind/Body coach, Vanessa can guide you gently and deeply to find blocks that are held in the body and subconscious to then clear the negative and help the body use its innate healing powers to start to heal old wounds and current issues.


These intuitive and non judgmental, caring meditations are done on Zoom either with or without video. Sessions with pre and post chat are between 45-60 minutes. 


Please note there is no sales tax charged for any session items or guides.

  • Refunds

    Please note we offer refunds for 1 on 1 sessions only if a practitioner is unable to schedule a session or a session gets interrupted due to technical issues on our end. We are happy to offer a new session if this is the case. 

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